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How To Create A Tranquil Home

Creating a tranquil home is the ultimate goal. You want to establish a peaceful space where you can unwind after a stressful day at work. For many people, the reality is that your home becomes filled with clutter, kids’ toys, or other bits and bobs that get thrown around the house. If you’re searching for ways in which you can create a serene indoor environment, here are a few tips to get started.

A Tranquil Home: The Steps to Take

Add Greenery

One of the best ways to create tranquillity within your home is to add greenery. If you’re not the most green-fingered person, then opting for the artificial variety is perfectly ok. Most home decor stores now sell artificial plants in pretty ceramic pots.

To create a calm space, place plants on shelves, on windowsills, in indoor hanging baskets and on planters. You can dot these around each room as you like – you really can’t go wrong with adding plants to your interiors.

Calming Colors

When decorating, opt for calming colors, such as neutral tones, soft greens, powder blues or a cool-toned blush shade. If you prefer white rooms, try adding these hues to your furnishings. Rugs, curtains, cushions and throws can boast muted, tranquil tones to add calmness to your space.

Refresh Your Bedroom

If there’s one area that requires serenity, it’s your bedroom. This is the place where you drift off to sleep so it needs to be as calming as possible. First, remove any technology, then add cozy tones, including plush rugs, faux fur cushions, and soft bedding. As this is a room where I do my script manifestation, I ensure it’s the perfect environment for writing in my journal. I avoid it being overcluttered. In fact, my bedroom only contains my bed and two bedside tables. Other than that, I keep it as simple as possible, adding pictures, a few wall shelves and delicate furnishings.

Add Scent

When used correctly, layering scent can be a mood pleaser. Aroma is personal so it’s best to use the scents you like. For instance, lavender is a well-known calming scent but I personally find it cloying so I like to use vanilla candles instead. Using a reed diffuser or small candles is a great way to add a subtle scent to your interiors.

Visual Attraction

If you find your space visually unattractive, you’ll probably find it anything but calming. Your decor taste will depend on your individual style. However, moving visual clutter, and ensuring everything has a home are two effective ways of making a space more aesthetically pleasing.

Avoid Bright Light

Lighting that is too bright can lead to headaches. Choose soft lighting instead like dimmed lighting or a small lamp. You’ll find that it makes a big difference to the ambience of your home.

Keep Decor Minimal

When displaying small decor pieces like vases and ornaments, keep it minimal. Having furniture that is covered with trinkets and treasures can be visually overpowering. If your space is looking too bare, choose storage items instead which can be used to house your clutter. Baskets, storage trunks and magazine folders are items that look contemporary yet hide your belongings.

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