How to Style A Guest Bedroom: 5 Handy Tips

Do you have a spare room that you want to transform into a guest bedroom? Maybe you need to refresh your guest room, ready for a friend or relative arriving. Guest bedrooms need to be cosy and welcoming. After all, you want your guest to feel at ease and sleep well while they’re away from home.

How can you style a guest bedroom to make it homely yet on-trend? Here are a few helpful pointers to consider.

Eliminate Any Clutter

The first thing to do is to remove any clutter or junk. Take anything you don’t want to the local charity shop or throw it away if it’s not fit for purpose. Ideally, your guest bedroom should not be filled with any of your belongings. Think of it as a hotel room for your loved ones. You want it to be clean and tidy, ready for your guest to get a good night’s sleep. Once you’ve eliminated the clutter, analyse your space to determine if it requires a fresh coat of paint.

Choose Calming Colours

If you plan on painting your guest bedroom, opt for calming colours, such as a soft powder blue or green. This will provide a tranquil ambience, promoting sleep and relaxation. If you prefer not to paint your walls, how about adding some colour to your ceiling instead? This can offer a chic look, creating an interesting contrast.

Think About What Your Guest Needs

Once you’ve finished painting, it’s time to consider what essential items your guest requires. They are going to need a comfortable bed, bedside table, lamp, wardrobe or chest of drawers. If you have space, you could also include a chair and dressing table/mirror. If you’re on a budget, you can simply use the items that you have and upcycle them. You could also purchase second-hand items on Facebook marketplace or eBay and give them a quick makeover with a lick of paint.

Add Pictures or Shelving

Pictures or shelving can instantly upgrade a room, especially if the walls are looking a little bare. You can purchase pictures and frames from Ikea or Desenio. Alternatively, you could just frame old photographs that you have in your photo album. Try styling shelves with plants, small ornaments and room diffusers to make the room smell pleasant.

Add A Welcoming Touch

You want your guests to feel at home, so add a few finishing touches. Clean towels, a water jug, magazines or books, and toiletries are great things to add to your guest bedroom. You could also provide a snug throw, candles and decorative accessories to help lift the ambience of the room.