Top Interior Design Trends for 2022

We’ve all spent a little too much time inside our homes in the past couple of years so it may seem fitting that the interior design trends for 2022 are going to reflect that extra care in creating a unique and comfortable living space.

Let’s take a look at some trends that will influence interior design in the upcoming year including some new favorites, classics that are persevering, and some trends focusing on practical and style.

Multifunctional spaces

The rise of minimalism has also meant the practical use of living spaces. One of the leading trends to dominate 2022 interior design is open and multifunctional rooms, where you can make the most out of every space.

With the pandemic, everyone turned their kitchen isle, dining table, and living room sideboard into a home office and the idea caught on. Many experts predict that 2022 is going to be full of multipurpose furniture and rooms that blend into many activities.


Perhaps one of the most unexpected trends of 2021 that is predicted to grow in the new year is the boom of Cottagecore elements. You no longer need to put a carpet over your floorboards or worry about exposed ceiling beams; the trend here is to appreciate the simple countryside style of living.

In the same vein as multifunctional spaces, people are more concerned about the sustainable aspect of their homes. This trend is coming back with simplicity, so expect floral wallpaper and furniture covers associated with off-white hues.

Nature inside

Green, green, green. That is a good summary of what to expect in the new year. Indoor plants have never been more popular. One peek at social media shows you how people are taking the whole “reconnect with nature” trend very seriously.

Not only gardening but also using green, warm yellow, and orange inside the home is very common for most modern houses that follow this trend. Wood elements complete the look of a home interior inspired by nature.

Color theory and optimistic orange

The psychology behind color has led to a steep rise in the use of the optimistic orange inside the home. This color symbolizes sunshine and warmth, and many experts say that being exposed to this color in the design of your room can uplift your mood and make one feel more optimistic. That’s why orange is mostly used in bedrooms or areas where a person spends most of their time. Elements of orange can bring personality to every room and complement the nature trend mentioned earlier.

70’s nostalgia

Many will be happy to know that the retro inspired design will be making a strong appearance in 2022. From the use of neutral colors, such as creams and yellowed browns to round furniture; the ’70s and ‘80s are going to be prevalent in many homes.

It can be difficult to find actual furniture inspired by retro style but most people can use neutral warm colors along with other trends to give a touch of the ‘70s without compromising an entire space.

Which interior trend are you most looking forward to?